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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Thol skin clinic launches O2toDerm LED+ Glass Facial Device in Coimbatore

Thol skin clinic launches O2toDerm LED+ Glass Facial Device in Coimbatore

For the first time in Kongu Region, The Thol skin-care clinic, Coimbatore launched O2toDerm LED+,a premium anti-ageing beauty device that can offer people of all skin types the world renowned Korean Oxygen Glass Facial.

It was launched on Friday at The Thol skin clinic by Dr.Adityan Guhan, Director, AGs Healthcare in the presence of Dr.Janani Adityan, Director of The Thol.

Manufactured by South Korea-based aesthetic medical equipment company, Trysis Inc, this state of the art device helps the clients to get their skin revitalized with high concentration of oxygen and anion, i.e. about 3 million air vitamins.

It moisturizes and calms the skin and also improves its texture besides providing Anti-aging remedies and effectively revitalizes the skin in one session.

Adding more about this device, Dr. Janani Adityan said, "We know that every cell in our body needs oxygen to survive and thrive. When the oxygen level in the cells of skin get reduced, they appear tired and in the long run they may start to age quickly."

"With our current lifestyle, the ever-rising pollution and frequent environmental changes, the skin comes into contact with dust and other pollutants. All these have high chances of affecting the oxygen level in cells. When a person faces such a scenario, this oxygen related facial that we have introduced today can greatly help in providing a rejuvenated and young looking skin."

This new type of facial uses hyperbaric oxygen. It enters the skin via the LED Dome that will be placed on the face of the patient. The device will use a pressure-swing absorption filter and observes natural air to compress it and discharge nitrogen, thereby releasing high concentration of oxygen through a converter while also releasing anions into the body.