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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Election code  violations  happening openly

Election code violations happening openly

It may be recalled that during the election campaign in Telangana, MadhaviLatha, the BJP candidate from Hyderabad, caused a stir two weeks ago when she pretended to shoot arrows at a mosque.
As her action was condemned and people demanded Election Commssion’s action the BJP candidateMadhaviLatha saidshe apologized if anyone was offended by the video that she respects all of them.
The controversy has not yet subsided. In the meantime, the same BJP candidate MadhaviLata, who checked the identity cards of Muslims who had come to vote in Hyderabad yesterday and asked them to remove their veils, has caused controversy again. She was in flagrant violation of election model code of conduct. While the video has been released on the internet, many people are condemning her violation of election code.
While many political party leaders have presented their condemnations, the Election Commission has filed a case against BJP candidate MadhaviLata, who acted with the aim of defaming Muslims.
These two incidents were staged by the same person as if this is proof of the opposition parties' allegations that the BJP has been spewing hatred against Muslims since the beginning of the parliamentary LokSabha election campaigns.
Election violations which were all hidden in the past elections can be seen more and more in the current election. Politicians reckon that if the election rules are violated and there is a lot of opposition, an apology is enough to put an end to the controversy. They dare to do all this because they are not afraid that the Election Commission. Election Commission will penalise them.  The day when the Election Commission starts cracking its to make politicians fear that this is all a miscalculation, the number of violations will decrease. 
The Election Commission should take action.