You will be the main reason for the second wave 

Irrespective of how the crowds are gathered for political meetings, whether they gather out of interest, or be it for money or for biryani, there is one thing in common in all these gatherings irrespective of political parties.

Right from leaders to the low-ranked cadres, half the people do not wear masks. Have you ever noticed this? Some wear masks on their chin and some do not wear them at all. Social distancing? What does that mean?

In this situation, for the first time in the last three months, the number of COVID cases has reached 40000 in a single day.

In Tamil Nadu, the cases have reached 1000 in one day. Everyone has to be cautious that Tamil Nadu is one of the five states where the second wave of COVID is spreading rapidly.

The interest shown by people in attending meetings has to be shown towards vaccination as well. Despite the government giving free access to vaccines at government hospitals, people hardly get a jab.

Though leaders including Prime Minister and Chief Minister have vaccinated, why do people hesitate to administer the vaccine? What is the reason behind their dilemma regarding vaccination?

Until you are relieved out of the dilemma, please be careful. If masks and sanitisers are not given significance like that of last year, there is no doubt that you will be the prime reason for the second wave of COVID-19.

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