Women’s dejection

The financial condition of women which was in a very pathetic state due to the pandemic is now slowly reviving.

Such a state should not hinder people’s lives once again.

It is highly intolerable for the people to bear the price hike of petrol and diesel on one hand and the hike of gas cylinder price on the other.

It is obvious that women are highly shattered.

As far as the people are concerned, they are ready to give up the subsidies but their major demand is to reduce the prices.

It is better to increase the price of gas cylinders once in 3 months or 6 months rather than increasing it several times in a month like this.

People demand that the centre should show interest in bringing down the prices like that of increasing the subsidies.

Already the bookings for cooking gas has considerably gone down due to the prices that were increased in last December.

Especially the poor cannot bear this price hike.

In order to stop them from switching back to the old system of firewoods, the centre should immediately bring down the prices by reducing the tax.

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