Will a tiger change its characteristics?

Despite the stories of Mahabharata seeming fictional, the fact that the reason behind such a great war was just a result of gambling game, makes us understand the intensity of the aftermath that the game could create such big losses and crises.

That is the reason for many people right from ancient times till today, consider gambling to be an unwanted game.

Considering the fact that the government has a social responsibility, gambling is being prohibited everywhere.

People used to play the rummy game, sitting under a tree in villages, which is now being played online.

Those who play by betting money are being arrested and legal action is also being taken against them.

This has been in practice for a long time. But the recent trend of playing rummy online seems fascinating to many nowadays.

It is just the playfield has changed whereas the game remains the same.

There are many who lose everything, drown in debts and ultimately die by suicide. People of various outfits have raised their voices against the culture of online rummy games with a firm demand to curb the game.

Based on this, the previous government passed a law banning online rummy games in Tamil Nadu.

Thus the companies which were investing crores of rupees in such games to put many lives at stake were put under severe distress.

In this context, a verdict has come in their favour.

As soon as the verdict was out the day before yesterday, the online rummy games started proliferating across websites.

Though they are free from the clutches of the judiciary, they cannot be left as such.

The present government in Tamil Nadu has assured that a new law will soon be passed based on the concerns of social responsibility. This stand taken by the government is commendable.

Just because it is a golden needle, we cannot take and prick our eyes.

Likewise, the government took such a stance on online rummy, despite being a skillful game, cannot be tolerated as it creates havoc on the welfare of society.

Not just online games, it is the responsibility of the government to curb anything if it is harmful to society.

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