Wild elephants barge into actor Sathyaraj’s sister’s house

The inmates of a house in Palamalai near Periyanaickenpalayam took refuge on the terrace as more than 15 elephants came to their garden in search of water on Wednesday.

It is noteworthy that the house belongs to actor Sathyaraj’s sister. Periyanaickenpalayam Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats in the Coimbatore district. There are many wild elephants in the area, including Palamalai.

These elephants regularly visit the foothills in search of food and water. Due to the severe water shortage in the forest in Summer, many elephants are coming to the nearby villages in search of water from the forest. At this point, more than 15 wild elephants came to drink water from the garden owned by actor Sathyaraj’s sister at the foothills of the Palamalai.

Those elephants that came there played in the water tank and drank water. It was filmed from the terrace of the house by those present. These video clips have now been released. A video of 15 elephants coming one by one to the water tank, drinking water there and then going back into the forest is now being circulated.

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