Why not give herbal medicine to COVID patients?

An event that took place in Andhra Pradesh has caught everyone’s attention. In Nellore, a doctor named Anandaiya prepared an ayurvedic medicine and announced that it would cure corona. There was great excitement throughout the country.

The very next day, almost 40,000 people flocked to Nellore to buy the medicine. A stay was imposed on him from distributing the medicine without knowing the nature of its composition. But the AYUSH department has taken a sample of the drug and examined it and confirmed that it does not cause any side effects. The Indian Council of Medical Research is also studying the drug.

It was at this point that Malla Reddy, a native of Telangana, heard about the medicine and travelled about 700 km to Nellore to buy the medicine as he was still suffering from shortness of breath after recovering from the corona. Once there, Malla Reddy was stunned to learn that the drug was not for sale and fainted under a tree.

Former minister Chandra Mohan, who was passing by at the time, was shocked to see the youth and immediately asked Anandayya to treat him. He also came in person and poured some drops of herbal extract into his eyes. Then he gave him the medicine to eat.

Over the next 15 minutes, the young man cleared his breathing and woke up healthy. Although it sounds like a movie scene, it was a real incident. The former minister has appealed that the government can now provide this medicine to the people affected by the corona.

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