Weeding is essential

From ordinary Kirana stores to police stations, fake journalists are at the forefront of ‘Katta Panchayts’, the kangaroo courts. Fake journalists are also taking on new incarnations in real estate and sand smuggling. The Madras High Court has slammed the fake journalists in the recent idol smuggling case.

It has also recommended the government set up a Tamil Nadu Press Council to get rid of fake journalists.Only persons identified by the Tamil Nadu Press Council will be recognised as journalists and only they can hold elections to press associations.

The High Court has said that only through them can journalists be offered free bus passes and accommodation. Another wording of the High Court judgment is that it is not permissible to issue an identity card to newspapers that do not print 10,000 copies daily.

A throng of reporters rushes to get a free bus pass across districts for a newspaper that publishes just 50 copies in a remote corner of Tamil Nadu. In the name of journalists, they also work without pay under the limelight of the media. The current orders of the High Court are a blow to fake journalists. Such weeding is necessary to anchor the fourth pillar of Indian democracy.

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