Weavers seek 10 percent wage hike benefit

A protest demo was held in Bhavani on Friday on behalf of the AITUC Bhavani Regional Handloom Weaving Workers Union led by Comrade BM Kandasamy demanding immediate payment of 10% wage hike announced by the government for handloom weavers.

The union leaders said that the Minister of Handloom and Textiles has announced a ten per cent increase in the basic wage and a ten per cent increase in the basic DA for weavers during the vote on account for handloom department in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

The Principal Secretary, Department of Handloom and Textiles issued an order on 11.10.2021 to implement it. Accordingly, the above pay increase should be given from 15.10.2021. But the above pay hike was not granted so far. Therefore, the 10% wage increase announced by the government should be provided immediately.

Also, this year’s bonus must be paid immediately by the loom owners. Officials should confiscate carpets brought illegally from Solapur and powerlooms producing such carpets that are destroying the local handloom jamukalam weaving industry.

They demanded the weavers be provided with the necessary yarn for weaving six days a week.
AITUC State Secretary S. Chinnaswamy, CPI Erode (North) District Secretary DA Matheswaran, Union Secretary V. Sithayan, Vice President I. Rasammal, Union leaders BS Bhupathi, and M. M. Veluchamy, attended the stir.

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