Water supply stopped for Kalingarayan ayacut

Bhavanisagar Dam is the source of drinking water for the people of Erode, Tiruppur and Karur districts and the livelihood of the farmers.

Due to the lack of rainfall in the Nilgiris, the main catchment area of ​​the Bhavani Sagar Dam with a capacity of 105 feet, the water flow to the dam has decreased.

Similarly, the water level of the dam is constantly declining as more water is being let out of the dam for irrigation than what is coming into the Dam.

As of this morning, the water level of Dam is 94.13 feet.

The dam is receiving water at a rate of 463 cubic feet per second.

Until yesterday, 500 cubic feet of water had been released from the Dam for Kalingarayan irrigation.

But from today, the release of water from the Dam for Kalingarayan canal ayacut has been stopped.

However, 100 cubic feet of water has been released into the Bhavani river for drinking water from today.

2300 cubic feet of water is continuously being discharged in the LBP main canal.

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