War Room to be set up to contain corona, says Minister S Muthusamy

A War Room will be set up at the collectorate to contain spreading of corona, clear the doubts of public on the disease, inform them on the availability of beds, oxygen, treatment and medicines in various hospitals in the district. Similar helpline centres will be created in all Taluks also, Housing Minister S. Muthusamy said.

After a review meeting on the subject with the Collector, officials, MLAs, MPs, at the collectorate, he told reporters ” a Corona Prevention Center (War Room) will be set up, with 30 officials working in 3 shifts (8 hour per shift) at the collectorate. It will have a doctor, a nurse, a psychiatrist and officials of various departments.

The public can get the needy details by contacting it through phone.

The details of officials, phone number, etc. will be known to public.

Similarly, in all taluks, a team of five officials will function to render similar help to public.

Though curfew is enforced, corona can be controlled only if people cooperate,” he felt.

”There is no shortage of oxygen. Oxygen is available as needed.

We are trying to increase its supply as well. Previously, some people used to go to Chennai to buy Remdeciver medicine as there was a shortage of it.

At present, the drug is given only to those who need it and those who are being treated in the hospital.

We provide it through the hospital.

We have taken steps to increase the availability of Remdeciver , oxygen, etc. without shortage.

The Government Erode Medical College Hospital has many equipment like oxygen beds, ventilators, experienced doctors and good infrastructure so that many from Erode, Namakkal, Tiruppur and Coimbatore districts , including those whose oxygen level is in good condition, were visiting for treatment.

Hence, it was overcrowded and those who were critically ill were given priority in admission.

At the same time, we are taking steps to create the required number of bed facilities in private hospitals and covid care centres in schools and colleges.

Some persons are coming directly to the hospitals suspecting that they are afflicted with corona.

Instead, they should undergo corona test at first and only if there is positive, they can approach the hospitals.

When corona infection is at starting stage, the affected are told to isolate themselves in their homes.

But, it lead to spreading of corona to all members in the family.

So, it is decided to accommodate the persons, who do not have enough facility in their homes to isolate themselves, in anyone of 60 educational institutions in the district with providing all facilities for them as in their homes in order to check spreading of the disease to family members.

Instead of thinking of this disease as a terrible one, people should contact a doctor at the beginning itself and try to get treatment to recover quickly.

The government allows corona patients to get insurance benefits under a government scheme while getting treatment in private hospitals.

So far, no complaints were received that the private hospitals were seeking hefty fee for treatment.

If complaints are received, action will be taken.

As per the announcement made by HR and CE Minister, temples in the district provided over 3000 food packets to poor today. Such help would continue.

As of now, no major demand was received from public about food supply due to current lockdown.

About people’s normal movement in many areas, despite lock down, he said the CM would decide on more restrictions after consulting all party leaders. Earlier, in the review meeting, he said:

”Measures to control the increase in corona spread are well known to health officials.

So, they can speak frankly.

Only then, can we know what equipment, medicines and facilities are available in Erode district and the government can be informed about the needs of the district to curb corona infection.

Likewise, if the general public shows signs of a corona infection, they should consult a doctor and continue treatment.

During the corona outbreak since March last year, DMK provided relief assistance to 1.80 lakh people who were paralyzed in their homes in the district.

Even in the current freeze, people should stay in their homes alone.

His party is ready to help needy in coming days.

To bring back normalcy quickly, people must cooperate to all corona prevention measures and thus check spreading of the disease. Steps were taken to reduce the time of getting corona test report,” he added.

Collector C Kathiravan presided over the meetin

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