Voter awareness programme held at Erode

On behalf of the District Electoral Division at the Erode Collector’s Office, a huge balloon flying ceremony, a cultural function, a rangoli kolam sketching event and a vehicle awareness rally were held demanding 100 per cent turnout.

Collector C. Kathiravan presided.

Election observer Prashant Kumar Mishra, expenditure observers Arup Chatterjee and Sanjeev Kumar Dev attended the function .

Then, they cut out the decorative cake emphasizing voting, presented it to the voters, visited the rangoli kolas and enjoyed the gummi song of the women’s group.

They also called on voters to report election-related complaints, comments and other details. Voter Assistance Number: 1950. Hats, face shields and leaflets were distributed to the public on the occasion.

OBSERVER: Erode District Bhavani and Anthiyur Constituency General Observer Prasanth Kumar Mishra has been staying at the Kalingarayan Guest House on Perundurai Road, Erode.

Complaints of these two constituencies can be made by contacting the observer on his mobile number: 91500 20723 and in person daily from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, collector C Kathiravan said.

CASH SEIZURE: During a search operation in the western part of Erode, election flying squad confiscated Rs. 98,850 which was brought without documents.

The Election Flying squad, led by Satish Kumar, conducted a vehicle inspection near Tindal in Erode yesterday.

Satish Kumar, 33, an accountant from Tindal Maruti, who came in a two-wheeler, was searched.

The squad handed over the cash to the Returning Officer and the Erode RDO, Saibudin.

The amount was paid to the treasury, requesting him to provide the relevant documents to get back the cash.

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