Vote for alternate policies to save democracy and constitution: Bihar MLA

Bihar MLA, Sandip Sourav called upon the people to reject BJP –AIADMK combine for saving country’s constitution and democracy by supporting alternate policies.

Campaigning in Salem on Thursday for the CPI (ML) candidate, R. Velmurugan who is contesting in the Salem South Constituency, said that AIADMK was not an autonomous party but the BJP’s proxy to come to power.

But the people especially the farmers were against the policies such as the land grab plan through Chennai-Salem, 8 lane highway.

“After coming to power, the Narendra Modi’s government has unleashed a war on common people by undermining democratic rights and human rights.

With a divisive agenda, they also silence those who try to give voice to the powerless,” said Mr. Sandip Sourav highlighting the war of inflation by hiking petrol and disel prices.

“While the Modi’s Government hiked tax on fuel used by common people from Rs.9 to Rs.32 they did not increase tax on aircraft fuel. This reveals the BJP Government’s class bias,” he said.

He cautioned that the RSS which is preparing for its centenary celebrations wants to have some of its prime agenda to be implemented.

These include declaring India a Hindu Rashtra, reducing reservation and undermining the federal structure of the country.

Mr.Saurav also came out strongly against the pursuit of an economic policy that transferred the country’s wealth to few people like Ambani and Adani, he said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Prime Minister deviated from his promise and announced the privatisation of 36 public sector units.

It is to counter these dangers the CPI ML has fielded 12 candidates in Tamilnadu he said urging the public to vote for the alternate policies.

A.Chandramohan, Central Committee member of CPI MLA, K.Mohansundaram, District Secretary, R.Velmurugan and several others spoke.

The manifesto which centres on alternate solutions for the uplift of workers and weaker classes was announced in the meeting.

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