Vote counting centre work allotted to officials

The allotment of constituencies to the officers working on the counting of votes in Erode district took place in the presence of election observers.

The results of the Tamil Nadu Assembly general election will be announced tomorrow (Sunday). Counting starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

The counting of votes is going on in 2 centers in Erode district. The allotment of work took place yesterday to ensure that the micro-observers, supervisors and assistants involved in this work will know what block they are working on.

Erode District Collector C. Kathiravan presided over the function which was held at the Erode Collector’s Office.The function was attended by election observers Adonu Chatterjee, Manish Agarwal, Prasanth Kumar Misra, Narbu Wangdi Bhutia, K. Annapoorni and R. Silpa.

The constituency was allotted to the officials in a computer rotation system on the website of the Election Commission. Based on this, work orders are issued to officers and assistants, including micro-observers and supervisors.

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