Villagers detain politicians from entering their village near Valparai

Vadakkuparaimedu village is located on the Tamil Nadu- Kerala border next to Pollachi. The village is located in the Divansapudur panchayat under the Valparai assembly constituency and is home to more than 100 families.

Their route has been in demand for many years. The villagers say that if they want to go to Vadakkuparaimedu village, they have to cross the Kerala border to reach that village. They also complained that there was only one primary school in the village and that they had to walk two kilometres to continue their education at a high school in Kerala.

They also say that there is no toilet facility in the village and that all the women and children in the area use the open space to defecate. Furthermore, the people of the area complain about the lack of a cemetery in the village so that in case of death in this area they have to be taken to the cemetery in Kerala.

As bandh is declared frequently in Kerala, the people of the area suffer without a path for themselves. They lament that they have to depend on Kerala for all basic needs right from education to cremation.

Therefore, the villagers of Vadakuparaimedu put up placards on the border of the village and expressed their opposition, insisting that no politician should come in who has not fulfilled these demands for so many years. Election officials who saw this removed the placards and warned the people of the area.

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