Vanathi slams Kamal calling him a “Twitter politician”

Calling Kamal Hasan a Twitter politician, Vanathi Srinivasan has questioned how many issues of the people he had dealt with on the field.

Coimbatore South constituency candidate Vanathi Srinivasan met reporters at the BJP election office in Coimbatore. She said, “The Central Government has announced the Dada Saheb Phalke Award for Rajinikanth for his achievements in the film industry.

We are pleased that the award has been given to the appropriate person and we also extend our congratulations to him. Why didn’t Thirukural come to Kamal Haasan’s mind when he spoke about me while he quoted the verse elsewhere?” “Politics is about accepting both the victory and defeat and serving the people.

That maturity has not yet come to Kamal Haasan. Kamal Haasan has to take a long training in politics. The DMK is acting in a way that creates fear in the minds of the people of Tamil Nadu”. She accused the DMK and its allies of trying to create panic in the minds of the people of Tamil Nadu through fake propaganda against the BJP, portraying it as an anti-minority party.

Vanathi Srinivasan criticised Kamal Hasan calling him a Twitter politician. She further questioned the MNM leader on how many issues had he been in the field so far. “The BJP is a government for all sections of the people. The allegation that minorities are being victimized under the BJP regime has been denied by those communities themselves.

It is the women from the minority community who realize this and support the BJP. The DMK does not condemn its party members for constantly passing disparaging comments about women.

The BJP is still a party that respects women and protects their rights. I have worked to solve many problems in the Coimbatore district. Whether I win or lose in politics, I will always be with the people on the field”, she said.

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