Vaiko campaigns for DMK candidate in Kancheepuram

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko on Friday campaigned to gather votes on the Udayasuriyan(rising sun) symbol for the Kancheepuram South District Secretary and Uthiramerur constituency DMK candidate K Sundar.

Kancheepuram South District Secretary and Uthiramerur Assembly constituency DMK candidate K. Sundar was supported by MDMK General Secretary Vaiko at Salavakkam Bazaar Road. After collecting the votes, Vaiko presented the 7 promises made by the party leader and gathered votes for Sundar.

A large number of party executives, including Kancheepuram MP and election in-charge Selvam, MDMK district Secretary Valaiyapathy, Selvaraj of VCK, DMK Union Secretary T Kumar, Panchayat union secretary Venkatesan and Coalition party cadres were present.

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