Vaccine shortage in Coimbatore: People return disappointed

People in Coimbatore who came to get vaccinated went back disappointed on Tuesday since a notice board had been put up stating that there was no stock.

More than a thousand people have been infected with the coronavirus in Coimbatore over the past three days as the number of cases has been increasing day by day.

The vaccination centre at the Coimbatore Government Hospital has been shifted to the Government Arts College three days ago. Every day the public stand in long queues to get vaccinated. Likewise, today also, more than 100 people were waiting in long queues at the Government Arts College earlier in the morning.

The public who stood in line returned disappointed as a notice board was put up saying that the vaccination was over today. Residents said it was unfortunate that there was a shortage of vaccines as the s[read was on the rise in Coimbatore, and that it would be helpful to announce in advance how many vaccines would be given at vaccination centres each day. They also demanded that appropriate action be taken to prevent a shortage of vaccines.

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