Vaccination must be made mandatory

The number of Covid cases in Tamil Nadu is increasing rapidly.

The Chief Secretary Rajiv Ranjan released a statement after consultation with the district Collectors through video conferencing and it was told that the reason for the surge in the number of cases was the indifference of people like not wearing masks in family functions, public meetings and not following the government’s guidelines in public places.

Some people in areas marked as containment zones do not follow the home quarantine as instructed and that has led to the spread within family members.

Similarly, since the preventive guidelines are not ensured properly in banks and schools, there are some Covid clusters in such places as well.

It becomes mandatory for the local body administration, health and revenue departments to closely monitor the individuals and the institutions so that they follow the guidelines. 

The Chief Secretary has also made several announcements including orders to fine those who do not follow the rules.

The Chief secretary’s orders should not just be on paper rather they should be strictly implemented. Only then, the surge in the number of cases could be brought down.

The Prime Minister highlighted three T’s during the Chief Ministers’ meeting i.e., “Test, Track and Treat”. According to that, identifying the infected patients, tracking those who were in contact with the infected and then treating the infected should be followed more vigorously than now.

The vaccination drive must be intensified. Until sometime back, the local body administration workers used to come door to door and check whether anybody suffers from fever or any other Covid symptoms.

Likewise, they should come and check whether everybody is vaccinated and ensure that the senior citizens above the age of 60 and those above the age of 45 with comorbidities are compulsorily vaccinated.

The centre should grant permission for everyone to get access to the vaccines. The vaccination should thus be made mandatory.

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