USD 4.2m worth deals closed at Antano&Harini’s,“Close-The-Deal” event

Legacy Accelerators and Co-Creators of Excellence Installation Technology (EIT), Antano&Harini conducted the “Close the Deal” program (CTD).which was attended by more than 150 entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate professionals, MSME leaders, to close the most significant deal of their life & time-compress legacy outcomes.

Conducted in 2 Phases, Close the Deal identified and resolved personal limitations, disempowering mindsets and beliefs of an individual. Antano&Harini further equipped participants with required mindset shifts, capabilities, strategies to identify hidden opportunities and close the most significant deal.

Participants also acquired linguistic patterns used by world leaders to win the hearts of millions, the art of framing and invoking the right emotions, amongst others according to a communication from the organisors As a direct impact, amidst pandemic, participants were able to gain promotions, double their income, close deals worth USD 4.2 million, overcome dependence on alcohol, evolve relationships with self and family members, and get to the same league as leaders in their industry the organisors claimed.

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