Unions press withdrawal of farm laws

Many trade unions staged a protest led by AITUC Secretary S Chinnasamy demanding a solution to the farmers’ struggle taking place in Delhi and withdrawal of three agricultural laws brought by the Central Government.

They said the tendency to set minimum resource prices for agricultural products should not be abandoned under any circumstances, the Electricity Amendment Act should be repealed, the power concession to workers in various sectors, including agriculture, should continue, attempts to package labor laws should be abandoned, amendments that change motor vehicle laws in favor of corporates should be repealed and steps should be taken to control the rise in petrol and diesel prices.

Relief should be provided to all types of workers affected by the corona and the corona vaccine process should be simplified so that it is available to all, they insisted.INTUC District Chairman Thangaraj, CITU secretary Subramaniam, Tamil Nadu Farmers Association State Vice President Tulasimani, LPF District secretary Gopal, Tasmac Employees Union Secretary Ponbarathi, Independent Farmers Union President Ponnaiyan, HMS Union Shanmugam and many others participated.

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