Turmeric auction starts after 15 days

After a 15-day holiday, the turmeric auction commenced at Erode on Thursday due to national and local holidays and prices were, however, lower.

The auction will be held from Monday to Friday at 4 locations in the Erode area, namely Erode, Perundurai Regulated Market, Erode and Gobi Co-operative Societies.

The price of turmeric (per quintal) is ranging from Rs. 6,811 to Rs 8,659. Secretary of the Erode Turmeric Traders and Go down Owners Association Satyamurthy said: The auction took place on Thursday after a 15-day holiday. The price, however, did not rise, and the delivery was average.

Despite the current harvest season, supply was less due to the imposition of a general lock down in Maharashtra due to corona.

Farmers in the Erode area are waiting to see what the price will be after the holidays and bring the turmeric for sale. But prices have not risen as much as expected. Fresh turmeric sold in Nizamabad.

But in Basmat, Namdat, Hangeli and many parts of Maharashtra, only 20 per cent of the fresh turmeric has arrived. The maximum price of turmeric is Rs.9000.

Exports did not rise. Compared to the last two months, the price has dropped to Rs 2,000 in Erode market, he noted.

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