Transformation is the responsibility of the mother and father!

It does not mean that women are at risk from criminals only when they step out. Thanks to modern technology for bringing the safety of women at stake even for those who are at home. Young women are bound to suffer if they are not careful.

Recent sexual harassment incidents prove that parents should no longer be indifferent to what harm is going to come to a woman who is studying from home.

Do our children really study the subject? It is the parent’s duty to monitor whether they are focused on learning or playing a video game.

Young children do not foresee the imminent danger. So it is in the hands of the parents to shape their thoughts and deeds in the right path to transform them into better human beings.

It is also the essential duty of parents to be good teachers, close friends, affectionate brothers and loving relatives to the teenage children who have been unable to see the outside world for more than a year due to the spread of corona infection.

It is therefore the responsibility of the mother and father to divert the attention of the children in the right direction.

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