Training session for employees ahead of vote counting duty

Training for state government employees and teachers who will be involved in the counting of votes on May 2 in Coimbatore district started yesterday.

Officials plan to conduct 20 electronic machines per round of counting in the Koundampalayam constituency and 14 electronic machines per round in other constituencies in Coimbatore district.

About 600 people are expected to be involved in the work, including government employees and teachers. The training for them took place yesterday at the respective centres, led by the returning officers.

Officials advised all those involved in the vote-counting process to arrive at the counting centre by 6:00 am on May 2. The Election Commission has ordered that all officers, candidates and their agents involved in the counting duty must undergo a COVID examination.

Accordingly, on the 29th, everyone was informed at the training that they would be subjected to a COVID test Prior to the vote count, a training camp will be held again, officials said.

The training camp at Sidhapudur Government School was presided over by Murugesan, the Returning Officer for the Northern Constituency and Ramkumar, the Returning Officer for the Training Camp at the South Taluk Office, Coimbatore.

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