Tokens distributed for Rs 2000 corona relief

Officials started issuing tokens for distribution of the second instalment relief of Rs. 2,000 and 13 types of ration items to all card holders.

The government distributed the first instalment of Rs 2000 corona relief last month. Currently, the second instalment of Rs 2,000 and a package of 14 groceries are to be distributed from June 3, the birthday of former Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

In Erode district, 713190 ration card holders would get the second instalment of Rs 2000 in 1,152 ration shops. Card holders can go to the specific date, time as mentioned in the token and get the goods and amount.

People with corona infection, those in isolation and those who have not received early relief due to any other reason can also receive the amount during this month.

Officials said each store would have to deliver goods and cash to only 200 people per day. The package of 13 groceries will be supplied from June 5.

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