Today International women’s day Her vision helps poor kids of Corpn school


While the world celebrates international women’s day today , it is fit to think about the vision, honesty, sincerity and hardwork of a woman in promoting a corporation middle school. If all women works like her, not only their homes, but also the institutions led by them would shine in many ways.

K Sumathi joined as an BT Teacher in 2005 and was promoted to Headmistress in June 2012 to SKC Road Corporation Middle School, Erode. At that time there were only 77 students and 4 teachers there. She started thinking the ways to increase the number of students.

Immediately, she constitued the Parent Teachers’ Association and refurbished the compound wall of the school with painting the portraits of great national leaders with their sayings by getting donation from philanthropists.

Then only, many in the area came to know the existence of a school there and volunteered to enroll their children in the school. In that year, she celebrated the school anniversary by erecting stage on the road when she assessed their expectations.

On that basis, she held various competitions to bring out the latent talents of students and offered many prizes to winners. It was followed by distribution of handbills to public in the area inviting them to enroll their wards in the school.

Some parents also started campaigning in same way after seeing the interest o the HM in developing the school.

The PTA also started donating 2 sets of uniforms, ID card, tie, belt, diary to all students on Kamaraj birthday, observed as education renaissance day, every year, apart from 14 kind of freebies given by the government, including uniforms, which could normally be given to noonmeal takers. All classrooms were neatly painted with pictures, leaders, etc related to their subjects. Besides, communicative English, computer science, dance, music, karate, LKG, UKG classes were also launched step by step. So, the enrolment of students rose every year.

Now, the school has 268 students and 11 teachers. Other than the school curriculum, many special programmes of storyteller Vanithamani, vedic maths, interacting with students and teachers abroad by Skype etc were held every year to improve the knowledge of students in various aspects, and students were encouraged to take part in competitions such as wrestling, archery, karate, dance, etc, and donate liberally to old age homes and for natural calamities.

An honesty shop was also opened. Counseling for students/parents was also held regularly including in corona lock down period and online tests were held. They have won prizes and medals at the district, state and national levels, besides success in the NMMS aptitude test. The PTA, school management committee, village education committee were functioning well.

So, Erode Corporation sanctioned 2 Smart Classes with AC facility, CCTVs, RO system, and also new noonmeal centre and toilet, etc to the school. The alumni also helped the school in many ways for help.

When contacted, the HM attributed her success to the cooperation of all teachers, officials of education department, corporation, parents, students and her family members.

”In the government schools, mostly students of poor families were studying. That’s why she took much pain to improve the school in all aspects”, she said.

TAILPIECE: It is said that there is a woman behind every successful man. But, her husband P Kandasamy was behind her success. She got married when she was I year in college.

But he, a doctorate in chemistry, and PG teacher, encouraged her to get MA (English) B Ed, MPhil degrees and success in TRB exam to become teacher.

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