To escape from the danger

The World Health organisation has advised to strictly adhere to the COVID guidelines in order to protect from coronavirus related deaths.

Lakhs of people are affected by the second wave of COVID 19 and as a result, many patients lose their lives.

If one person is affected by the virus, the rest of the family members also conceive the virus.

People were negligent to the COVID guidelines for the last three months.

Wearing masks, maintaining social distance and any of such hygienic practices were not followed by the people and the spread started taking a surge in Tamil Nadu.

Since people are not following the pandemic protocols, the Government of Tamil Nadu has announced the new regulations.

People should not be fed up with these rules for back to square one. 

The second wave of coronavirus is on its way to affect the country drastically. Many states have implemented night curfews.

The COVID preventive measures in all the municipalities and corporations in Tamil Nadu have been intensified. 

The workers go door to door in Madurai to check for COVID patients so that the houses are sealed if there is a COVID patient.

The areas containing positive cases are being demarcated as containment zones. 

Moreover, in Chennai corporation, a fine of Rs 500 is imposed on those who litter on the streets and Rs 200 for those who do not wear masks.

Shopping malls, gyms, spas, and saloons are fined upto Rs 5000 if they do not adhere to the COVID guidelines. 

In order to fulfil the basic needs of the people in the containment zones, an additional  4000 field workers have been appointed.

The government has asked people above the age of 45 to vaccinate.

It was also said that the protocols should be strictly followed until the second dose of the vaccine is accessed.

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