TN’s interests mortgaged in Delhi, says Kanimozhi

TN’s interests were mortgaged in New Delhi and it is high time to restore them, said MP and DMK women’s wing secretary Kanimozhi while campaigning for Gobi DMK candidate Manimaran at Gobi on Friday.

She said that ”the poll is not only for electing a party to power but also electing DMK chief as CM of the state. Everyone is waiting for his leadership.”

She asked ”What has this regime done to women for ten years.

Self-help groups are not functioning. Women’s self-esteem has been snatched away.

The female police officer has been humiliated and intimidated.

The officer is being punished only after the court reprimands him. Female officers are not safe.

Women are waiting for water and ration goods.

There is no security and no jobs for them.

23 lakh young men are languishing without jobs”.

”Stalin has announced that 3.50 lakh vacancies will be filled and industrial investments will be brought in after the DMK comes to power, the price of LPG, Petrol and diesel prices will be reduced, there is no bus fare for urban women, old age allowance will be hiked and restored, waiver of education loan, etc.

Unlike AIADMK, DMK will fulfill its promises fully.

In all schemes, including corona relief works, commission was sought and tenders were given to close relatives of ruling party men.

Is it enough just to put a song that says success? Where is the success, she asked.

What did education minister do for improving the school education system, she asked.

His ministry is in chaotic condition.

An announcement would be made in the morning and then another one in the afternoon.

On the other, the officials would make some other announcements, she noted.

She alleged that AIADMK did not fulfil its promises.

If any one questions the government, he will be revenged.

The rule in Tamil Nadu is run from Delhi.

This regime must end. Tamil Nadu must restore self-respect.

”The Chief Minister says that the AIADMK, which voted in favor of the Agriculture Act, is now pressing the centre for its repeal.
By supporting the Act, the AIADMK has not only harassed ryots of TN, but also ryots of entire nation.

There is no proper road facility, basic amenities in Gobi.

Now the AIADMK has copied the DMK election manifesto and declared it as their statement.

If the DMK comes to power, it will revive women SHG concept, she assured.

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