TNHB holds sale deed distribution camp

TNHB held a 2-day special camp to distribute sale deed to the allottees at the office of the Housing Board at Sampath Nagar, Erode under the leadership of Executive Engineer Periyasamy.

On the basis of the integrated Erode district, people from the area including Dharapuram and Kangayam also came with the relevant documents to get their deeds.

Fewer than ten people, including Chief Engineer Periyasamy, received and checked the documents and were unable to give a proper explanation to the doubts and problems in the documents.

In particular, the old documents could not be compared due to the absence of the land surveyor, revenue officer and accountant. More than 150 people came with enough documents and less than 50 were alone able to get the details.

At the same time, the work was done only on the basis of recommendation of middlemen and officials. During the two-day camp, only 22 people Got the deeds. The camp was held on Thursday also.

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