TN needs a dual engine to move forward: C T Ravi

“Tamil Nadu needs a dual engine namely Modi and EPS to move forward”, says BJP All India General Secretary C T Ravi. C T Ravi, BJP All India General Secretary released the party’s election manifesto for the Coimbatore South constituency at a private hotel in the Ramnagar area of ​​Coimbatore.

It promises to have a full-fledged Wi-Fi facility, a library named after Thiruvalluvar, a relocation of the Central Jail, a zoo and an IIM in Coimbatore. Following this, CT Ravi spoke to the press, “DMK leader Stalin has been telling lies every day to come to power. Is Satlin a theist or an atheist?” He said that Stalin was only insulting the Hindu gods.

He also alleged that Stalin has been staging a drama in the Vel issue. He added that the NEET exam and jallikattu ban were brought about during the Congress regime. He then said that for Tamil Nadu to progress, it needs a dual engine called Modi and EPS. He added, “If you want Kattapanchayat and power cuts, vote for DMK”.

He condemned A. Raasa for speaking disparagingly about the Chief Minister’s mother, saying that it was the DMK’s DNA to speak disparagingly of women. He said that in the southern constituency of Coimbatore, there will be a contest between People’s Hero and a film Hero. “If people want a hero, they should vote for Vanathi Srinivasan, the daughter of the soil”. “Rahul Gandhi’s view that Tamil Nadu should not be ruled from Delhi is wrong.

He speaks without understanding the democratic process. There is a difference between the field conditions and the opinion polls. We trust the field situation,” he said.

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