TN govt might impose a night curfew if the situation goes out of control

As the second wave of corona spreads in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Nadu government has lifted the easing and re-imposed restrictions.

The government has warned that the public must comply and work to reduce corona infections, which could lead to a night curfew again. An official statement from the governments said, “As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the government is making every effort to prevent the spread of corona infection.

The rate of new infections and deaths in Tamil Nadu continued to decline till February 2021. Currently, in April 2021, an average of more than 3,900 new cases are diagnosed daily”.

The announcement added that mobile flu camps and testing centres have been set up across the state and steps are being taken to immediately admit those who are diagnosed with the disease to hospitals, health centres and Govt care centres or to isolate them at home.

The practice of COVID Appropriate Behavior, frequent hand washing, and social distancing are being re-enforced and violators are being punished. Since March 16, 1,36,667 persons have been found violating the rules and fine of Rs. 2,88,90,600 have been levied on them. In addition, PCR testing is being carried out in all districts of Tamil Nadu only, with an early focus on intensive detection and testing of those in contact with infected people, strict preventive measures in infectious areas and intensive screening, isolation and advanced treatment for patients are in place.

So far 2.01 crore samples have been tested and arrangements are being made to conduct 3000 daily flu camps across the state, including door-to-door monitoring and field camps. Awareness is being raised among the general public about COVID Appropriate Behavior.

As a result of the above measures taken by the Government, at present 95.55 per cent of the infected in Tamil Nadu have recovered and the mortality rate is as low as 1.41 per cent. In view of the increasing incidence of corona infection in Tamil Nadu and in the interest of the public, the Government of Tamil Nadu has extended the curfew till 12 midnight till April 30 with some relaxation under the National Disaster Management Act.

The government yesterday announced a complete ban on activities already allowed to control the disease from April 10 (tomorrow) and permitting restrictions on a few activities. “Failure to do so may result in curfew and additional restrictions at night. The Government of Tamil Nadu is taking all measures to prevent the spread of corona infection in Tamil Nadu. The public is urged to cooperate fully in all efforts by the government to tackle the second wave of corona infections. ” stated a press release of the Government of Tamil Nadu

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