TN govt floats global tenders for vaccine purchase

The Government of Tamil Nadu has called for a global tender to purchase vaccines to expedite the vaccination program for everybody over 18 years of age. Tenders have been issued for the purchase of 5 crore vaccines.

Vaccine demand is high in Tamil Nadu. The central government has ordered state governments to pay for vaccinations for people over 18 years of age. The project, which was scheduled to start on May 1, was postponed due to a shortage of vaccines. The Centre then announced that state governments could make outside purchases as needed.

Following this, the Tamil Nadu government decided to purchase the vaccine. A meeting was held on May 12 that was chaired by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin on the preventive measures to be taken to bring the situation under control. About 13 lakh vaccines have been allotted to Tamil Nadu on the basis of the Central Government’s directive that those between the ages of 18 and 45 should purchase and use vaccines from the state governments.

It was decided that the quota could be used to import and use vaccines through global contract points as there was a shortage of vaccines needed to inoculate everyone in the stipulated age group. Therefore the government decided to go for global bids to procure the necessary vaccines and funds have been allocated for this.

A global contract has been requested by the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation for the vaccination requirement of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, a tender has been sought for the purchase of 5 crore vaccines. The Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation has said that the vaccines should be supplied within 90 days.

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