Tikotra offers home healthcare services for women’s wellbeing


Tikotra – a Home Healthcare service provider based in Chennai today launched exclusive healthcare services for women. These new suite of services are being launched to coincide with the forthcoming International Women’s Day that falls on March 8, 2021.

Tikotra’s latest women focused bouquets of services include consultations on fertility, birth control and menstrual health for young women, pain management consultations and therapies for menopausal and middle-aged women.

Tikotra’s mental health wing also caters to the healing of emotional stress faced by young women, and the mitigation of mental health disorders faced by elderly women.

Those interested can register on tikotra.com/women.
Dr.Pauravi Sharma (Head of Chennai Operations, Tikotra) speaking on the occasion said, “The lack of knowledge and stigma around certain issues, prevent women from getting access to the care and wellness they need.

Tikotra’s healthcare workforce consists largely of women, and with women occupying senior positions in the company, we’re uniquely placed to cater to the demands of the modern woman.”

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