Tiger’s movements recorded in CCTV after 8 days

According to the Forest Department, the tiger’s movements were recorded on a CCTV camera eight days after no information was available about the tiger that killed four people in the Gudalur area of ​​the Nilgiris district.

The Tamil Nadu and Kerala Forest Departments, along with the Task Force, have been actively searching for the tiger that killed four people and more than 30 cows in areas including Devan Estate and Masinagudi in Gudalur taluk, Nilgiris district.

The man-eater frequently relocated and the forest department was unable to capture it by injecting it with an anaesthetic.

Finally, the animal entered the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and hid in the Masinagudi and Singara forests.

The department then fitted surveillance cameras and monitored the tiger by drone cameras.

The tiger has not been recorded on any camera for the past eight days.

In this case, the tiger’s movements were recorded on an automatic camera fitted by the forest department in the Ombeta forest.
Following this, the task of capturing the tiger has been intensified.

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