Thoppu Venkatachalam to contest as independent

Perundurai AIADMK MLA Thoppu ND Venkatachalam filed his nomination to contest independently in the Perundurai constituency on Thursday (March 18) at 12.30 pm.In the Perundurai constituency, he contested and won the AIADMK seat in 2011 and 2016.

In 2012, he held the post of Minister of Revenue and later the Minister of Environment and also held party district secretary post.

No post was offered to him after he won in 2016 poll and his posts were given to KC Karupanan by late CM Jayalalithaa.

After her death, his betenoire KA Sengottaiyan, nearby Gobi MLA became education minister. ”Since then, there was an internal bickerings in the party and he faced much problem in even getting schemes for his segment due to lack of support from the two ministers,” he cited and informed that ”he struggled hard to get fund for Rs 240 cr Kodiveri dam water project for his segment to solve drinking water problem for the next 30 years, though it was played by late CM”.
Even after getting fund, his rivals incited Ryots of Kodiveri dam to approach court to stay the project.

It was the successfully overcome by changing the plan to dig well within the dam site in the river to get water round the year.

Then he planned to bring seepage waste water of LBP main canal in his segment to Ayyarkulam in Perundurai Town to improve groundwater level.

But, it was also thwarted by his rivals by inviting ryots stir. In the local body poll, the rivals helped some persons led by Jayakumar, whose party posts were already snatched to contest against party candidates and won and then contest against party candidate Shanthi, present Perundurai PU Chairperson.

Now, the ministers fielded Jayakumar as MLA candidate in Perundurai, denying party ticket to him. When he was party district secretary, the party won all 8 segments in the district on 2016 poll.

In 2019 LS poll, party candidate MSM Anandan got less than 4000 votes only in the segment whereas the vote difference was over 20000 in Karupanan’s Bhavani segment and above 10000 votes in other segment.

He alone mooted AMMA people grievance redressal meeting in all villages every week when he was revenue minister in 2011-12 period which helped people much and late CM was also happy over seeing the success of the scheme.

The present CM, in LS election campaign, hailed him that he was the only MLA who approached him for lot of schemes for his segment only.

So in all aspects, he worked hard for the betterment of people, party and ADMK government only. But, unfortunately, without no fault committed by him, he was denied seat and party ticket was given to a person who worked against the party’s interest.

Karupanan campaigned for Jayakumar recently with asking cadres not to invite him even for poll campaign though he was always AIADMK,MGR, Jayalalithaa loyalist.

Now, he decide to contest only to continue development works in his segment for the welfare of the people, he added.

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