Theft at CMCH- suspects not yet found

A motorcycle and laptop were stolen from a doctor and an astrologer at Coimbatore Government Medical College Hospital (CMCH).

Vairavan, an astrologer from Karanampettai in Coimbatore, arrived at the Coimbatore Government Hospital on a motorcycle on Sunday to see the body of a deceased person.

The motorcycle was parked on the hospital premises and was on its way to the autopsy unit. When he returned, he found the motorcycle missing. The suspects also stole a laptop from the room of Dr Pranesh, an Orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital.

The Coimbatore Government Hospital comes under the jurisdiction of the Racecourse Law-Order and Crime Division of the police. It is alleged that police patrols at the government hospital area were not carried out properly and the culprits could not be caught despite the surveillance cameras.

The police have also been accused of negligence in ensuring the safety of the poor people who come to the GH. It has been demanded that immediate action be taken in this regard and theft at the Government Hospital be stopped. Police are searching for those involved in the theft after a complaint was lodged with the Racecourse Police.

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