The public has to be brought under control

The number of people infected by the coronavirus in Tamil Nadu has increased to 8,25,967.

The number of deaths so far is 12,504 while the number of recoveries is 8,36,473.

As of now, 3,990 people are under COVID 19 treatment.

The number of cases in Chennai is 2,36,072. Due to the spread of the virus, the lockdown in the state has been extended till March 31 with certain relaxations.

It cannot be denied that the relaxations brought forth by the government are taken for granted by the public.

The governments have made it mandatory for us to use masks and follow social distancing.

But thinking that the spread of the virus has gone down, people have gradually reduced the usage of masks and social distancing.

Earlier the government and the health department have made it compulsory that a fine will be imposed for those who do not wear masks.

But recently nobody is being penalised for not wearing masks.

Therefore the people became careless.

This carelessness is likely to invoke the danger of a second wave of the COVID spread.

It might also perhaps lead to a state where it might turn into a familial spread.

Especially in metro cities like Chennai, it has now become a familial spread.

To avoid the further expansion of the COVID spread, strict restrictions have to be imposed on the relaxed lockdown. 

Despite vaccination, to control the spread of the coronavirus, people have to be insisted to keep their surroundings clean, wear masks and follow social distancing.

There is no harm even if a fine is levied for those who do not follow the rules.

Only then the people could be brought under control and the corona could be eradicated.

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