The police are delighted

DGP Sylendra Babu has ordered the police department to give weekly off to the cops as well as leave for wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

According to a circular sent by him in this regard,
The policemen should be given the weekly off to do whatever it takes to maintain their physical well-being and for them to spend enough time with their family.

Overtime pay should be provided to police officers who report that they do not require a week’s rest and to police officers who are on duty on the day off.

Policemen should be given a holiday on those two days to celebrate their birthdays and weddings with their family.

On behalf of the Tamil Nadu Police, the birthday and wedding day greetings of the police should be conveyed to the concerned police via walkie talkie from the District and Municipal Control Room.

All city police commissioners and district SPs must implement these instructions without fail.

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