The government should undertake two steps

Same time last year the world encountered the unprecedented coronavirus and therefore the closure of educational institutions became inevitable.

After that, the exams were also cancelled. This seemed quite normal as the entire society was stuck in lockdown. But we must have been cautious at least later.

Besides the Tamil Nadu Education Department having enough time in all ways, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) proved its worth by setting an example.

We could notice a well-planned and organised functioning. Starting from the reduction of syllabus right at the beginning of the academic year itself,  CBSE had also released the examination schedule along with the provision of enough time for the students and teachers for preparation.

Whereas the Department of School Education in Tamil Nadu has perplexed itself by creating unwanted confusions among teachers and students.

Ultimately the decision of the Department to cancel the examinations and declaring the students ‘all pass’ seems like an escaping mechanism from the responsibilities.

Another part of the escapism is the government trying to finish off the Class 12 board examinations in a hurry without providing adequate time.

Both these decisions would disturb the progress of teaching and learning for the rest of the year since the learning was heavily hindered in this academic year for all the classes.

Had the government borrowed a month from the next academic year, it would have been a smooth decision.

But now this decision of the government has lost everything. Above all, the cliched attitude of us to celebrate this move is the worst part of it.

As compensation for these flawed decisions, the government should undertake two steps.

As the board exams are to be conducted only for the students of class 12, the government should pay due heed to the advice of the teachers and revamp the schedule by providing three days buffer time to all the subjects.

For the rest of the classes, strict monitoring has to take place to ensure effective learning at least for the next two months.

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