The farmers are rigid in continuing the protest

New delhi

It is the right of the people to support or oppose a law that is brought forth against them in a democratic country. In this regard, the farmers of Punjab and Haryana have been protesting in Delhi against the new agricultural laws.

The ruling BJP government is least bothered about the protest though many farmers have lost their lives during their steadfast protest.

It has been more than 100 days since they began the protest. But the BJP government is keen on the five states’ elections and does not care about the farmers’ demands.

The farmers, on the other hand, have vowed that they will not let the BJP win in any of the five states.

The centre is concerned about its prestige in coming down to pay heed to their demands.

So the government tried a  tricky plan to disrupt the protest by saying that the farm laws will not be implemented for one and a half years but it was in vain as the protestors were very stubborn.

As the protest has crossed 100 days, it is noteworthy that 200 farmers have lost their lives so far. 

While the farmers themselves feel that the farm laws would affect their lives, the question arises why the government is trying to force the laws and for whose satisfaction those laws are being forced.

The government must understand that if it neglects the farmer just because they are in power, then the farmers would in turn emerge into a powerful force to snatch away the power from them.  

Therefore the government should accept the genuine demands of the farmers and repeal the laws.

Otherwise, it seems like the farmers will never step back from their protest until their demands are met even if it prolongs for a year.

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