The end for the spread of corona

With the onset of the third wave in India, only corona patients will be given priority treatment. This would create an environment in which those who are affected by other diseases and those who are admitted for general treatment would be affected.

With this in mind, the union government should issue new guidelines for the treatment of all parties. The activities of private hospitals in providing corona treatment and charging have raised various questions. Thus those who are treated face many hardships financially. So private hospitals can be brought under the direct supervision of the government during the corona period.

Mainly the central government has allocated several thousand crores for development projects.

These funds can be used for corona prevention work. The government should be involved in trying to allocate additional funds for corona prevention work.

We need to get down to trying to diagnose the situation quickly and accurately using technology in the health sector.

The newly appointed Union Minister of Health should be in touch with the states. States should consider the demands and take appropriate action immediately.

The performance of the Union Minister of Health in the Corona case should be better. Let’s see what kind of approach he is going to take in improving the health infrastructure of the country.

A complete cessation of the spread of the disease can be achieved only if everyone adheres to the guidelines of the government no matter how many waves come, not just the third wave.

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