The economy can only grow if money is given to the poor people; Rahul Gandhi

“Put money in the hands of poor people to take the economy on a growth path. But Prime Minister Modi is helping corporates by giving them money”, said Rahul Gandhi.

All the 140 constituencies in Kerala will go to the polls on April 6 in a single phase. As the election campaign heats up, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi rallied and campaigned in Sultan Badri and Mananthavady areas that come under the Wayanad constituency.

In his campaign speech, Rahul Gandhi said, ” Prime Minister Modi believes that giving money to big corporates can put the economy on a growth path. But if you give money to big corporations, they will take it out of the country.

The Congress party has solutions to solve the country’s economic problems. To take the economy of Kerala on the path of growth, we call for the implementation of the Nyay scheme. The scheme will not only boost the livelihood of the poor but also the economy of Kerala and increase employment.

A monthly stipend of Rs 6000 will be provided to the poor people in their bank accounts. For the economy to grow, you must first give the money into the hands of the poor and the money into the hands of the common people. If you want to speed up the economy or create jobs, the first thing to do is to pay money into the economy. But Prime Minister Modi gives money to corporates” he said.

He further said that the Congress party continues to oppose the 3 criminal laws brought by the Central Government against the farmers.

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