The current need is to protect ourselves

The focus of the Tamil Nadu Health Department on the distribution of corona vaccines to the public through camps is healthy.

It is commendable that the cooperation of the Central Government in the prevention of COVID has continued unabated.

Flu and dengue fever are now rampant in Tamil Nadu. Rainwater has stagnated in many areas due to continuous rains. Mosquitoes are posing a huge threat. Different monsoon related diseases are spreading across India.

In Chennai alone, more than 3,000 personnel have been deployed to control dengue fever.

Work is also underway to clean up mosquito breeding grounds.

There are even warnings of penalty if mosquito breeding grounds are found.

It is time for not only colleges but also schools to be reopened so we too must be very careful not to blame the government for everything.

The current need is to protect ourselves by changing the personal hygiene habits that are being neglected in terms of safety to prevent any infection.

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