Textile traders expect total lock down after poll result

Erode Gani Textile Market traders expect a total lock down in Tamil Nadu after the election results.

They said that now itself the textile trade is completely affected. After the second wave of corona, the number of people coming to the market has completely decreased.

So the market wore deserted look on Tuesday when the wholesale textile trade is taking place. The main reason for this is second wave of corona.

The market traders association former president Ramani said ”a wide variety of fabrics are available for sale in over 150 stores here. Cotton garments are selling like hot cakes during this summer.

But after the announcement of the Assembly elections, the turnout was very low due to the election code of conduct.

”The second phase of the corona wave has emerged after the election date. Thus the night curfew has been enforced and the number of visitors from other districts and states has been greatly reduced.

Now, a 15-day total curfew has been imposed in Karnataka. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu a complete curfew is expected after the election results .

Now, people of other states have to get e- pass to visit TN. Last year, the market was closed for more than 6 months due to lock down. The merchants were greatly affected.

The same situation develops again in the state. So the government should give interest free bank loans to the small traders here and help them to support their families,” he said.

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