Textile traders bandh at Erode on Mar 18

The Textile and Textile Merchants Association in Erode district has announced that it will go on strike on March 18 to condemn the rise in yarn prices.

Erode Cloth Mochants Association District Chairman Kalaiselvan said:

The price of yarn has been steadily rising since November last year.

In the month of November, the number 40s count yarn was Rs. 185 per kg. At present it is Rs. 280.

We are not able to inflate the price of the textiles we produce in line with the often rising yarn prices.

Thus textile manufacturers are severely affected.

There are many reasons for yarn price.

The spinning mills produce more of a particular type of yarn and exports more of it.

Other types of yarn are under-produced and in short supply, causing artificial shortages.

The price of yarn should be fixed only once in a month or two.

Insisting on this, we announced a bandh on January 6th.

However, due to the arrival of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in Erode on that day, we suspended the stir and submitted a petition to the Chief Minister.

Since then the government has not taken action to control the price of yarn.

In order to draw the attention of the Central and State Governments, we have decided to engage the Erode District Textile, Textile Companies, Shops, Warehouses etc. in a one day strike on 18th March.

More than 4,000 textile shops at the district level, and the Cloth Merchant Association and affiliates, will take part in our struggle, he added.

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