Textile Market wears deserted look

Following an announcement of election code of conduct from Feb 6, laying many restrictions on public movement, the Erode Gani Textile Market, a largest one in the state , wore deserted look on the shandy day on Tuesday which could usually see huge crowd especially from traders coming from other states to buy different kinds of clothes at wholesale price.

So, the normal trade during the shandy days Tuesday and Wednesday would be Rs 5 to 6 crore.

Now, public are forbidden to carry more than Rs 50000. So, public have been advised to submit the relevant documents if they take more than that amount. Separate teams have been set up to monitor this.

The merchants are upset over the rule.

In the case of Erode district, thousands of traders are engaged in money transactions every day.

Currently there are strict restrictions on traders as the rules are in force ahead of the elections.

The textile market at Panneerselvam Park in Erode would see hundreds of traders. The market trades up to Rs 2 crore on normal day.

In this situation, outstation traders did not come to the market today as the election code of conduct is currently in force in the district restricting people to carry up-to Rs 50000 only.

The traders fear that they would face problem, if they carry more than Rs 50,000.

As a result, the textile market wore deserted look today and the business was sluggish, traders said.

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