Terrorism can be uprooted

More than 21 security force personnel were killed and 33 were injured in a battle between the Maoists and the soldiers in Chhattisgarh, a few days ago.

This is not the first time where our commandos are killed by Maoists. 20 jawans were killed in March 2017, 25 in April 2019 and 17 in March 2020.

The numbers were considerable in the preceding years as well The state of Chattisgarh, which got separated from Madhya Pradesh in 2000 has been dominated by the Maoists and Naxals.

Whenever there is a commando operation against them, firing and casualties do happen. Prevalence of Naxals is found in almost 60 districts in various states across the country. But the impact is high in Chhattisgarh.

While the Indian government is able to protect our international borders by retaliating to the attacks by neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China, it is saddening that it is not able to uproot the Naxals who nurture internal terrorism.

The Government of India has said that the attack will be retaliated with a counter-attack. Before attacking the Naxals, there must be clear planning and strategic operations must be carried forward with the help of the police and the intelligence forces. Only then, terrorism can be uprooted. 

While our soldiers are able to face the attacks by neighbouring countries with an iron fist, they can withstand the internal rebels as well. Can’t they?

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