Telemedicine App launched for corona patients

Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner P. Kumaravel Pandian inaugurated a new App CBECORP VMed to provide treatment under telemedicine system to the public in the areas under the Corporation of Coimbatore.

With the curfew currently in place, Dhanush Healthcare has teamed up with the Corporation to develop an Android processor App to prevent the spread of corona virus infections, in view of the difficulties faced by the general public in accessing a doctor or hospital for general treatment.

Using this process, the public can get the treatment they need for free 24 hours a day through the respective doctors. When a person with symptoms related to corona seeks medical advice through this process, the doctor will ask about the symptoms of the person concerned and if he needs to be tested for corona infection, it will be arranged by the concerned officials.

This will allow the elderly, children and pregnant women to get the medical treatment they need at home without any hassle. The public can download the App and register using their phone number at the website address:

CBECORP VMed Commissioner urges the public to take advantage of this process.

The event was attended by Dr Raja, Municipal Health Officer of the Corporation, K. Jayakumar, Advisor, Dhanush Healthcare and Corporation officials.

Coimbatore Corporation Covid -19 Helpline- 0422-24585800.

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