Technology can be effectively used for canvassing

The polling would get over in a jiffy but the coronavirus spread due to the huge gatherings will stay for a longer period leaving many lives at stake.

Going door to door campaigns is not wrong. But if the candidate is accompanied by just one or two persons it is safe for both the candidate as well as the voters.

The candidates should see that the cadres accompanying them are wearing masks for sure. They must refrain from taking with them those who do not wear masks. They must follow the habit of applying hand sanitisers at regular intervals.

Since this is Summer, sweat and dirt would make us feel sultry. We must keep in mind that hygienic practices are the only way out to drive the corona away from our lives. 

It is not really needed to go door to door and canvass the people. There are multiple modern ways such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, television.

Communication technology can be used effectively to reach out to the public. By doing so, time and money could be saved.

Moreover, the candidates can refrain from hectic travelling thereby health and hygiene could be well maintained. We would like to request this from the candidates

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