Tasmac stores should be closed to prevent corona, says Dr Krishnasamy

Puthiya Tamizhagam party chief Dr Krishnaswamy said in Coimbatore that Tasmac shops should be closed immediately to prevent the spread of corona. In Coimbatore, Dr Krishnaswamy, the president of Puthiya Thamizhagam Party, spoke to the reporters on Thursday that the rapid spread of the Corona epidemic was “painful”.

He added, “Businesses and industries could not withstand the full curfew, so such an idea should not come.” He called on the central and state governments to act swiftly. He said that treatment should begin as soon as corona symptoms appear, adding that Tasmac shops should be closed immediately and that the government should act without indifference.

“People should be provided with masks instead of imposing a fine. “State and district level teams should be formed headed by leaders of political parties to act upon the prevention of the COVID spread,” he said.

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